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Nike Air Jordan 2009 description

This new edition to the Jordan family was released on January 31, 2009. Only 2,009 pairs were released throughout the country. The USA received 1,005 while overseas received 1,004. The Air Jordan 2009 was designed by Jason Mayden. It somewhat resembles the Air Jordan 14. This shoe was inspired by fencing. It features a small green-blue diamond on the top of the shoe.

The New 2009 Air Jordan line was showcased from February 12, 2009 to February 14, 2009 at Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix, Arizona as part of NBA All-Star Weekend. Team Jordan athletes Jayson Mayden and Jadakiss made special appearances to sign autographs. It is called the 2009, as the traditional numbering of shoes discontinued with the previous model, the Air Jordan XX3/XXIII (which coincides with Michael Jordan's main number being 23).