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Nike Air Jordan AJF5 description

Air Jordan Fusion 5 had been the second series of Jordan Fusions launched. Air Jordan Fusion 5 shoes is a popular hybrid that lives up to the hype. It combines the platform and basic design of the Air Force 1 with the craftsmanship of the Air Jordan Fusion 5. Unlike the Jordan Fusion 12, the Jordan Fusion 5s did not have the identifiable Nike Swoosh along the side of the shoe as well as resembled the Jordan 5 a lot for compared to Air Force 1. The Fusion 5's did have the Air Force 1 outsole using the ""sunburst"" along side from the shoe.It's said that Air Jordan Fusion 5 once arouse a storm of fashion, not only among the Jordan sneakers, but also among all kinds of cheap jordan shoes on the market.