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I'm used to it

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I usually wear a 6.5 or 7, so I ordered both. The 7 was too short and too narrow, so I'm sending them both back. I don't know if I'll bother ordering the 7.5, the sole was basically silky fabric and was slippery on wood floors - would be treacherous this winter. Love the style of the nike jordan 4 shoes otherwise - too bad!love these boots. I purchased the lighter brown color. they are super comfy and vegan :)! i wear them more than any other shoe/boot. i replaced the laces with blue waxed linen. after wearing them a ton through the winter, spring (and now into the summer) the stitching on one of the boots is coming undone. but it's nothing i can't fix easily. absolutely worth the money.These cheap nike jordan shoes are incredibly simple in construction, and very comfortable because of it. If you need good arch support, however, these shoes are not for you. They are completely flat. They're cute, casual, and versatile.Now the bad-- they wear very, very quickly. The pleather detailing is cheap as can be, basically an extremely thin vinyl-esque coating over white liner fabric, and it wears/scratches/scrapes off very quickly, detracting from the look of the shoe. I still wear them, and they still look okay, but it does make them look cheap.Another strange thing I've noticed is that I trip a lot wearing these (which contributes to the wearing off of the detailing). I'm assuming it's something to do with the construction-- maybe it's a little longer in the toe than I'm used to,nike air jordan 6 shoes so my step isn't big enough to prevent stubbing?-- but whatever it is, it's a little irritating.Regardless, I still wear these regularly. They're cute, they're comfortable, and they're incredibly easy to take on and off. They've also held up very well to all kinds of weather conditions-- last year, after the detailing started wearing off, I decided there was no point in trying to protect them from the elements, and they've since handled rain, snow, mud, and more,nike air jordan 11 shoes and amazingly don't really look any worse for it.