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Comfortable walking

Nike Air Jordan 6 Rings 322992-002 Black Varsity Royal

These are the comfiest flats I own. I range from a size 8-8.5,nike air jordan 13 shoes and find that the size 8 fits perfectly. The cushioned footbed makes me feel like I am walking on clouds, though it does warm up my feet more than my other slip-ons. For having the word "Runner" in its name, this shoe does not breathe well. The bottom of the shoe is also covered in a weird felt-like cloth that will surely wear off in time... I haven't slipped yet,nike air jordan 12 shoes but found it strange. The tan ones get dirty extremely quickly, so be forewarned. The fabric absorbs dirt - will most likely purchase a darker color as well. I still highly recommend them.As with so many styles, once you get above a size 9 or so, they just don't work with the laws of physics. I am a size 11 and these fit okay but yet would flap around, while at the same time wearing holes in the Achilles part of my heels. The soles make no sense and have a weird fabric in them that shreds and hangs off.I really like the look of these shoes. They are a good value for what you get. I rated them 4 stars because they rub at my ankles like crazy and I am currently unable to wear them without thick socks. I hope that with continued wear this will stop. They overall seem very sturdy.I was already an Under Armour fan... these nike air jordan 23 shoes are as comfortable as my cross-trainers! I highly recommend these to boots to anyone. I also use them for riding because their comfortable for the long rides... their comfortable for the walks when you get to your destination... and their all leather on top of the toes area so the shifter doesn't cut or rip them like a sneaker or other cheap nike air jordan flight with that mesh/cloth covering. I got the size 9 and they came a little early and fits 100% like they should.