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Jordan Sixty Plus 60 black varsity maize varsity red 364806 071

I'm writing a review based on just 2 days of my husband using them,nike jordan shoes shop and not long term use. He has foot problems, heal pain that lasts days when he's on foot all day, and loads of other discomforts so it's hard to find the proper work shoe for him. We tend to shop forever when looking to replace his old ones because many places don't carry them, or if they do they only have a few, none of which he's liked. I took a gamble based on reviews and ordered this when we ran out of stores to look in our area. Thankfully we had free returns because the first size we ordered, which is his sneaker size and his old jordan shoes 13 outlet size, was too small. We went up half a size and so far he loves them. The search is finally over and I'm incredibly relieved. The price is great considering we've bought them upwards of $160, and the heal support is his favorite part. They started out stiff, but just as the reviews have mentioned, it only took one day to break in which is usually fast. I find them to look narrow compared to his last ones, but he has a narrow feet. Not sure how it would fit a wider foot. His boots do tend to last him around 2 years so I'm curious to see how these will hold up. They don't look like they'll hold up that long, but overall it was a steal and a great purchase.Before you read the 1, 2, and 3 star reviews where people complain about "it hurts my feet" read this. Any grown man who puts a new pair of nike jordan shoes 1 on and complains about them not being pre-worn in, is actually a woman. These are extremely lightweight and durable. I use them to hike mountains and chase bad guys. I kicked a door in with these on and I swear to god that door came off the hinges and went through the suspects living room wall into the next room. I am GI Joe with these boots on. I jumped off a roof and ran 2 miles before driving home to handcuff my wife to the bed. If you are a super trooper who needs some lightweight, MOSTLY waterproof, bad guy chasin romper stompers, these are your first pick. Don't be like all the Sally Boo Hoos complaining about the boots not being pre worn in, put some sand paper inside of your official jordan shoes and go run a marathon and you'll know how our boys in Nam felt.