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I used to wear boots

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These are the best nike air jordan 13 shoes I've ever worn. I previously owned the speed freak 7 inch boot, that one lasted 1 year on the job. If I didn't get a boot credit at work I could have probably wrote them another four to six months. I walk on cement and push heavy carts all day long. I actually walk 9 - 13 miles a day in my boots. The tread on most boots wear out in 3 - 4 months but the Under Armour boots exceed all others in tread wear. Plus they are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. The nike air jordan 12 shoes and the older model speed freak are just about identical other than the Bozeman having an added rubber toe cap. I've convinced several colleagues to buy these and they have all loved them. 2 of them had previously had for problems because of the physicality of our jobs and that we are on concrete most of the time. I hope my review helps!I work at a power equipment shop, so I needed something that is comfortable, offers a little protection for the feet, good in all weather conditions, and is very supportive for days on concrete. I would say this boot hit all those points. Very lightweight and great support for the feet. Great traction for wet and slippery conditions. My only complaint is that they are a little bit narrow for my feet. I wear a 13 4E most of the time, and these feel more like a 3E. The more I wear them, the better they stretch out, but still feels like they pinch my feet, but not enough for me to stop wearing them. Overall,nike air jordan 23 shoes I'm satisfied with the product.My old hiking boots finally wore out on me. With a December camping trip coming up I needed a pair of boots that were light, breathed well, and wouldn't let my feet get too wet. These boots check all those boxes. Their best feature is their weight. These things are feather light! And as us backpackers know, 1 pound off your feet is five pounds off your back. Usually I would expect a product like this to cost more than what I paid, so I have concerns about durability. Lighter materials are usually more delicate unless you pay top-dollar. Seeing as how my winter cheap nike air jordan flight have also worn out on me I'll probably be wearing this pair all winter long--not just for camping trips. I'll try to update this review and let everyone know how they held up against a Chicago winter.